Get to know Rich Stanek

I have lived in Hennepin County for my entire life. I currently live in Maple Grove with my wife and our two children. As Sheriff, I have proven that the community can always count on me to make public safety my most important priority–protecting our families, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and places worship.

Sheriffs don’t work for mayors, city councils, county commissioners, and we don’t work even for the President of the United States. Sheriffs work directly for the residents. That’s why your vote in this race is so important, and why it is a great honor to serve side-by-side with the men and women of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, who have sworn an oath to protect and defend all residents and visitors across the County.

Thank you for visiting my website, and for taking the time to learn about the Hennepin County Sheriff’s race. I respectfully ask for your support and hope to earn your vote on November 6.

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I am running in this election with 5 issues in mind:

1: Violent Crime

Violent Crime is down countywide by more than 25% since I was first elected, but we can never let up, we must continue the fight against violent crime with all available resources and strategies. 


2: Untreated Mental Illness

I will continue my advocacy to make sure mental illness is no longer criminalized by our justice system, and to ensure those with mental illness in our jail get the proper medical care and treatment they deserve.


3: Opioid Addiction

I will continue to work to educate residents about this public safety crisis and public health epidemic. To this end I have implemented several initiatives to address this threat to our families, neighbors and colleagues:  

  1. Drug take-back boxes
  2. Prescription medicine destruction bags
  3. Providing first responders with naloxone kits
  4. #NOverdose social media campaign
  5. High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area partnerships for law enforcement


4: Hiring, recruiting and retaining a highly trained, professional and diverse workforce

I am especially proud of the work we have done to provide Crisis Intervention Training to sworn and detention officers, procedural justice and implicit bias training to all employees in the Sheriff’s Office, and the improvements we have made in eliminating hiring disparities and employing a workforce that better reflects the community we serve. 


5: Job of the Sheriff

I have always viewed it to be my job not just to respect, but also to protect the constitutional rights and civil liberties of every resident throughout the county.   


I am proud to have the support of the following organizations:

  1. Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association
  2. Hennepin County Sheriff’s Supervisors Union
  3. Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
  4. Minneapolis Firefighters Local 82
  5. Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council
  6. TwinWest PAC